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Why Choose All-N-One Over The Others?

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT presents a new and simple software which will enable you, the client, to create and save court and process forms. It also has a tickler and status system to inform you when to call ALL-N-ONE for an update - if not already notified.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT pulls court files at no charge, unlike our competitors.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPRORT specializes in serving Writs of Execution and Writs of Attachment at a very affordable price.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT has more affordable process serving rates.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT has one central office which handles all your work so you do not have to call five different numbers just to obtain a status.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT is a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) & California Association of Photocopiers and Process Servers (CALSPRO).

At ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT we are able and willing to provide service in any city or state.

At ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT we have experienced staff members eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

At ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT we not only provide our clients with a quarterly newsletter but we also provide biweekly updates of changes in the court system and etc.

At ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT we handle all of our work with the utmost care and communicate with our clients to provide efficient and accurate service.

At ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT we have drivers standing by to do "spur of the moment" services.

ALL-N-ONE LEGAL SUPPORT participates in a "pouch system" which enables us to send assignments to agents in various cities over night.

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