eFiling The simplest and most reliable way to file documents.

Office Work

All-N-One has an experienced and dedicated team here to help with filing important documents, whether your documents regular physical or electronic filing.    With over thirty years of experience, we are consistent in providing high-quality service.  Your assignment, whether a complicated filing or simple copy request, will be overseen with the utmost care.  All-N-One understands the importance of maintaining good relationships with clerks and court personnel with court closures, less staffing, increasing delays and complications. 

We’re a court-approved eFiling service provider in California, so you can be sure we will get your document filed.  You can manage all of your court filing needs through our website.  We also over easy invoicing. One simple invoice for each filing makes reconciling orders to clients simple.


Self Service


File your documents directly with the court using our secure, user-friendly online entry portal.





 Let us handle the filing for you. Simply email your filings to Support@allnonelegal.com and we'll do the rest. We will even advance court fees when necessary. This service is also available via our website; simply upload your documents and we’ll file on your behalf.


Track Status Of Court Orders Online 24/7