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Process Serving

We are prepared to handle all types of service of process assignments, no matter how voluminous, difficult, or complex. 


Whether it is a local service, out‐of‐state service, or even a foreign service, our Process Serving Department has the knowledge and expertise to get your paper served timely and properly. Our servers are registered and bonded professionals who will provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need. They are overseen by senior staff members who will provide you with the status reports and keep you apprised of any difficulties. For services, filings and assignments out‐of area, we use only the most reliable agents who know and respect the level of quality that we demand for our clients. We also specialize in the somewhat

complicated service of writs. No matter if your service is "rush" or "routine", you can be confident that our Process Serving Department will get the job done.


Our service of Process Serving Department will provide you with up-to-date status reports containing the exact details of your service, including dates and times of every attempt, along with an executed and filed proof of service, once your documents have been served.

Track the Status of Your Service Online 24/7

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